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What is Edplan?

Edplan has specialised in personal financial advice for teachers since 1985. We’re proudly known as the “experts” among the teaching community due to our long-standing relationship with the profession.

Our experience with teachers allows a deep understanding of our clients needs.

To enable our clients to manifest their desired lifestyle by the delivering the most innovative solutions and strategies, and to provide an exceptional Edplan experience.

  • To consistently be at the forefront of the financial services industry with our advice and business.
  • To be the most desired financial service provider for our chosen markets.
  • To be the employer of choice for quality and passionate people.

Edplan continues to be the premium brand and leading financial advice firm for the teaching community in New South Wales.

Client Feedback

We really appreciate all the kind words our clients say about us. Please share your experiences, we would love to hear from you.

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Ken is a friendly, knowledgeable and extremely capable financial adviser.
Elizabeth, Retired Deputy Principal
I confidently commend Paul and EDPLAN on presenting their knowledge of financial advice to a professional audience.
Peter, Principal
I am very happy to recommend EDPLAN to Principals and Executive Staff for speaking to school staff regarding financial planning.
Karin, Deputy Principal
I would like to express my gratitude for the advice I have received from EDPLAN.
Barry, Principal
EDPLAN gave staff a rare opportunity to consider their careers personally with 25% of our staff wanting to learn more!
Robyn, Principal
We tried other financial planners and some were interesting but lacked the back up and support that we needed. EDPLAN to the rescue!
Selwyn, Teacher
EDPLAN presented a most informative and worthwhile session at a recent staff meeting at our school.
Karin, Deputy Principal
Paul’s seminar was highly relevant, and presented with great professionalism and confidence. It drew much praise and appreciation from our staff.
Wilson, Principal
We are happy to recommend Ken and EDPLAN to anybody.
Debbie, Teacher
We have always found Ken to be thorough, approachable, professional and honest.
Debbie, Teacher
The seminar presented was full of relevant information and offered in a way as not to make people feel obligated in any way.
Karin, Deputy Principal
Thankyou for your professionalism, it is clear to me that EDPLAN care about their clients and the delivery of their services.
Karen, Teacher
I extend my personal support to any initiative for extending financial advice to all teachers and DET employees.
Christine, Principal
I have been most impressed at the professional way they have managed my financial plan, I have no hesitation recommending EDPLAN
Harry, Principal
The structure EDPLAN has given us has given us an easy way to keep control of our money.
Gail, Teacher
I am very thankful and appreciative of the advice provided by EDPLAN.
Peter, Principal
They are always prompt to respond, we just feel that we can trust EDPLAN.
Kathii, Deputy Principal
I have been most impressed with their prompt and efficient manner.
Harry, Principal
…very clearly explained need for precise retirement planning. I believe anyone in our profession will benefit from the advice provided by EDPLAN.
Barry, Principal
Teachers who have received financial advice from EDPLAN and other reputable advisers are very happy that they sought this advice.
Christine, Principal
I appreciate Mankit’s managerial and planning skills, and I personally trust him.
Rob, Teacher
We could not be happier with EDPLAN looking after us.
Alex, Retiree
I feel extremely comfortable accessing and planning my financial future through EDPLAN.
Deanie, Assistant Principal
EDPLAN has kept me on track and in line, I would have probably never have done anything for my future financially by myself!
Kerri, Principal
Ken always listened to our requirements and has given excellent advice.
Bob, Retired Head Teacher
We are very, very happy with our financial adviser, Rob, who we appreciate for his honest and clear communication.
Yvonne, Teacher
EDPLAN has been instrumental in our sleeping well last night, confident that the steps we are taking into the future will turn out for the best.
Ken, Principal
I feel excited about the future after every meeting. Motivational stuff, really.
Allen, Assistant Principal
I feel very comfortable knowing EDPLAN can ably assist me with my financial planning.
Margaret, Principal
I was a single mother of 4 young children, teaching full-time. I am now happily retired and able to lookforward to a financially healthy future.
Rosemary, Retired Teacher
My experiences have always been friendly, efficient and very helpful – the office are easy to contact and always helpful.
Bruce, Deputy Principal
Your advice has been encouraging and it’s good to know that we are on a secure track for the years ahead.
Marianne, Head Teacher
Your investment advice has been spot on. We’re very happy with the results!
June, Retired Teacher
Your presentation was well received and gave staff a rare opportunity to consider a personal aspect of their careers.
Robyn, Principal
This is the most rewarding presentation I have ever seen.
Andrew, Manager
Ken is trustworthy, diligent, and patient. We now understand how it all works and know where our funds are invested!
Correne, Assistant Principal
I have always been impressed by your honesty and the great interest you have always taken in my welfare as your client.
John, Retired Principal
I have dealt with EDPLAN for over 20 years, and have received great advice over this time. Highly recommended!
Brendan, Teacher
I’ve been really impressed by everyone I’ve dealt with, it’s great to deal with absolute professionals who are pleasant at the same time!
Phil, Principal
I have been delighted with the timely and accurate advice and the personal and friendly service.
Raymond, Principal
Ken is a financial adviser who take genuine interest in the welfare of his clients.
Bob, Retired Head Teacher
My dealings with EDPLAN have been excellent, I feel very confident in their management of my financial plan.
Suzanne, Principal
I look forward to being able to continue the benefits gained through the excellent professional advice provided.
Peter, Principal
We now have a very positive view of our bank statements and are over the moon about our investments that are returning well.
Noelle, Teacher
The support from Caitlin and EDPLAN has been exceptional.
Josephine, Mother
Staff who sought advice from EDPLAN expressed great satisfaction with the advice and were very positive about the delivery.
Karin, Principal
Ken has been extremely helpful and professional throughout our association with EDPLAN
Alan, Retired Teacher
I am just on the cusp of retirement I am thankful for the advice and the money I have saved!
Brian, Principal
The advice from EDPLAN has been of great benefit to me, with no problems whatsoever. Everything works and they’re a phone call away.
Ross, Principal
EDPLAN have been able to answer any questions that we have had in a clear, concise and professional manner.
June, Retired Teacher
I have spoken to my staff about how vital I consider it that they seek advice from an authorised financial planner such as EDPLAN.
Mick, Principal
A great team that provide expert assistance.
Brian, Principal
Not only was I content with the advice given initially, but all the advice provided since then. EDPLAN holds my strong support.
Genette, Relieving Principal
The advice and support has been invaluable!
Toni, Principal
It’s a great feeling knowing what your future looks like, and that all bases are covered financially if anything unexpected happens.
Simon, Head Teacher
Our future now looks secure and the whole process was effortless – no more fudging the budget!
Wendy, Teacher

We Are Here To Serve You

Edplan has advised over 8,000 teachers. As an employee owned advisory service, and not beholden to any bank or other financial institution. We are not associated with State Super, the Teachers Credit Union or any government body. Our advice is balanced, objective, specialised and personalised; we provide a client experience unmatched by other practices, creating confidence for teaching professionals in financing their lifestyle and retirement.

We realise that teaching professionals have a unique work pattern and availability. Our flexibility with consultations is your advantage! With an easily accessible office in the Sydney CBD, and frequent advice seminars being conducted around the state, our advisers are available to everyone.

Edplan offers services to all metropolitan and regional areas, with a permanent presence in the CBD.

We typically run talks during a Staff Meeting or on a Staff Development Day, also for Principals and Executive Staff at their respective conferences.

Edplan is a regular contributor and sponsor at most Principal and Executive conferences state-wide. Edplan often presents at these conferences, conducting informative talks on financial issues that affect the teaching community.