Our Mission

To deliver innovative solutions that provide financial security, enable the desired lifestyle and create an exceptional experience for our clients and people.

Our Vision

  • To consistently be at the forefront of the financial services industry with our advice and business.
  • To be the most desired financial service provider for our chosen markets.
  • To be the employer of choice for quality and passionate people.

About Us

We are a team of experienced and skilled financial advisers and professionals, who are able to provide superior financial planning solutions for our clients. This service is facilitated by our collaborative team of advisers and our comprehensive & efficient administration.

Our current practice was born by the merging of two long standing, reputable financial planning companies in February 2003, namely Key Group Financial Services Pty Ltd and First Capital Financial Services Pty Ltd.

Key Group Financial Services

With an extensive knowledge of the financial services sector, Key Group brought the wisdom of many decades experience to the merged company.

First Capital Financial Services

Built on a solid and skilled team, FCFS contributed an excellent business model for human resources and client relations management.

The combined resources, knowledge and experience of these two entities launched First Capital Financial Planning Pty Ltd into a new level of service. We are well positioned to provide industry-best, holistic, client-focused advice.

First Capital Financial Planning holds its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) AND Australian Credit License number 281193. This means that we are not owned by any fund manager or life office, giving us the complete freedom to choose from a huge variety of financial products. This in turn enables us to further create advice that best suits our client’s needs and goals.

While First Capital Financial Planning provides balanced financial advice to individuals from all professions, our specialist division EdPlan tailors advice to teachers and educators.


Edplan has specialised in providing tailored, financial advice to teachers since it was formed in 1985. We pride ourselves on being the “expert advisers” to people in the education industry. Our long-standing relationship with the teaching profession has made us extremely proficient in understanding the needs of our clients – and in particular in the complex workings of the many different State Super systems. This was demonstrated when the NSW Primary Principals Council consulted Edplan to help negotiate the set-up of Flexible Salary Packaging arrangements that the Department of Education and Training employees now enjoy.

Edplan has provided financial advice to over 5000 education professionals since 1985. Edplan is not associated with State Super, the Teaches Credit Union or any Government body. EdPlan’s primary objective is to create confidence for teaching professionals in financing their lifestyle and retirement.


We realise that teaching professionals have a unique work pattern and availability. Our flexibility with consultations is your advantage! With an easily accessible office in the Sydney CBD, and frequent advice seminars being conducted around the state, our advisers are available to everyone.

Edplan offers services to all metropolitan and regional areas, with a permanent presence in the CBD.


We typically run talks during a Staff Meeting or on a Staff Development Day, also for Principals and Executive Staff at their respective conferences.

Edplan is a regular contributor and sponsor at most Principal and Executive conferences state-wide. Edplan often presents at these conferences, conducting informative talks on financial issues that affect the teaching community.