Our Six Step Service

There are six key steps in our advising model that guarantee the effective delivery of holistic financial strategies. Our financial advisers are meticulously trained to break down your financial situation into the basic elements and rebuild the information in the form of appropriate wealth strategies.

The achievement of your goals, whether it be spend more time with your loved ones, do more of the things you love, or to travel the world, remain of paramount importance in our considerations.


We collect all relevant FACTS about you: On your initial contact with us, we will provide you with a Data Collection Form and organise an appointment. Prior to your meeting, you should complete and return this Data Collection Form so that we can adequately prepare for your meeting.


We identity your GOALS and objectives: Your adviser will take the opportunity at your first meeting to get to know you, your personal and financial situation, and most importantly, your goals and objectives.


We identify your financial ISSUES: The adviser will take use the information gathered from your meeting, and with the help of our paraplanning and research team, a strategy will be devised on how to help you accomplish your goal.


We prepare a financial PLAN, called a Statement of Advice: A Statement of Advice will be generated and a second meeting or phone call will be made by the adviser to explain their recommendations to you. Your adviser will answer any questions or concerns you may have, and if need be, changes can be discussed.


We IMPLEMENT our recommendations to you: Once you have accepted our recommendations, the necessary paperwork can be completed and lodged by our client support team. The client support team will form the basis of our relationship with you and will be your point of contact throughout the implementation process.


We regularly REVIEW your plan your changing circumstances: After all the advice has been implemented, regular review meetings will be organised with your adviser. The review meeting is a very important part of the process as it is where the continued appropriateness of the advice will be analysed in light of changes to your personal circumstances as well as changing external factors such as regulatory changes.