While superannuation is an essential part of a Wealth Creation and Retirement Planning, we understand that you may not be at the stage of your life where you wish to lock away your capital until retirement. At First Capital Financial Planning, we can also provide you advice on investing in a non-super environment.

We invest to improve our future welfare. Funds to be invested come from assets already owned, borrowed money, and savings or foregone consumption. By foregoing consumption today and investing the savings, we expect to enhance our future consumption possibilities.

Anticipated future consumption may be by other family members, such as education funds for children or by ourselves, possibly in retirement when we are less able to work and produce for our daily needs.

It is important to understand that all investments have risk, and past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Regardless of why we invest we should all seek to manage our wealth effectively, obtaining the most from it. This includes protecting our assets from inflation, taxes and other factors.